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SIL makes thick-walled shells for hydraulic accumulators – mainly bladder type with the working pressures are up to a maximum of 330 bars and test pressures are up to 500 bars — for various type of industrial uses and requirements. The accumulators have been designed to meet the highest safety standards, and are capable of withstanding millions of duty cycles of pressurization..

There has been a dramatic growth in industrial hydraulics applications because of increasing automation, and the need for reliable, compact force elements. And hydraulic accumulators are widely used in industrial hydraulics to dampen shocks, and save energy by downsizing the prime movers.

The product is available in varying diameters (76-407 mm), lengths (200-2,500 mm) and preferred diameters (90 mm, 114 mm, 168 mm, 220 mm). The shells are also designed and manufactured to comply with international standards and our in-house standards are on a par with those of reputed global manufacturers of hydraulic accumulator assemblies.

The material used in accumlators construction include chromium molybdenum steel, nickel chromium molybdenum steel, carbon manganese steel, carbon steels and stainless steel as per customer requirements.

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