Company Culture
Sarju Impex Limited is structured around a task-centric and result-oriented work culture. Indirectly, this has ensured a highly efficient and effective organisation in cylinder industry. There is a major emphasis on an “open door” policy as top-level management is often found in the bullpen working hands-on with Associates. As the success of this business model depends on time sensitivity, this culture has facilitated our entire team to consistently arrive at well-thought out decisions and execute them in a timely manner.

Additionally, the company believes in continually “raising the bar.” Company recruit individuals who can accept great challenges and implement a clear roadmap to meet those challenges. Adaptability and “thinking out of the box” is an inherent characteristic of the prevailing culture. In today’s volatile market, a cookie cutting approach will just not suffice. Therefore, a dynamic, committed, entrepreneurial, and forward thinking process is the credo.

Lastly, sound ethics, honesty and transparency are an inalienable asset of our corporate and individual fiber. Every action is a reflection of not only our Organization, but also our stakeholder, customers and of those around company process. The company takes this responsibility very seriously, and it is evident in our daily actions, processes and decisions.

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