QUALITY CONTROL approach is adopted for development of various type of cylinder with vivid sizes and its manufacturing. Quality Assurance program starts with raw material selection, inspection, testing, manufacturing stages inspection and follows to the products until it reaches to consumer’s hand. Consistent high quality of our products is guaranteed by means of rigorous checks on all raw materials and by in process and end product inspection and controls by adopting stringent in house standards techniques. Our policy is to satisfy the consumer’s requirements by supplying products, which are fit for their intended purpose along with highest level of safety. To achieve this, We design and manufacture products, which fully comply with different type of Quality Standards developed by various International Quality Organisation.

The production cycle meets all the international standards, conforms to ISO 9001:2000 certifying that all the production units conform to the requirements of quality management systems.

Design Criteria

• The raw materials (manganese steel, chrome-moly steel) are selected carefully considering the operating

• Chemical and mechanical properties are decided accordingly.

• SIL cylinders are designed to stringent renowned world standards including BS, DOT, ISO, EU, INDIAN

• Cylinders are certified and approved by independent inspection agencies like BIS, BVIS, LLYODS, SGS etc

• In addition, all cylinders for Indian markets are also approved by Chief Controller of Explosives,
  Government of India jointly with Bureau of Indian Standard.

Important Approval Tests

• Material Tests – Tensile, Yield, Percentage Elongation, Impact and
  Sulphide Stress Cracking Resistance Tests

• Pressure Cycling Test

• Hydrostatic Pressure Burst Test

• Leak-Before-Break(LBB) Test

• Bonfire Test

• Penetration Test

Quality Assurance Tests

• Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Test

• Hardness Test

• Hydraulic – Volumetric Expansion / Proof Pressure Test

• Leakage Test

100% of cylinders manufactured undergo inspection to meet requirements of various governing standards and are also in compliance with the norms of statutory authorities like Chief Controller of Explosives (CCOE), Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and meet all requirement of International standards.

Final Inspection :

• Bottom Thickness, Wall Thickness and Dimensions Of Cylinder

• Heat Treatment Parameters and Hardness

• Thread Checks

• Surface Finish External and Internal

• Paint Coat Checks

• Stamped Data Verification and Accessories Fitment Parameters

During all above criteria finalisation, tests and inspection of cylinders, detailed records are maintained at each and every stage till final inspection by authorities and documentation are done for the purpose of certification of cylinders. Each cylinders are provided with certificates for assurance of quality of cylinders.

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